From an acorn a mighty oak shall grow

The adage, from an acorn a mighty oak shall grow, represents this significant 100-year milestone for the dedicated stewardship in creating this bucolic community. This 2-day event will be an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on its history and the influence on the many generations who have called this special place their home. Founded in 1922, Brookwood Hills is one of Atlanta’s earliest suburban neighborhood developments. With its enclave design, curvilinear streets, and variety of architectural styles, Brookwood Hills has retained its 1920’s ambiance and its integrity as a neighborhood as the city has grown increasingly urban around it.

Read more about our history here or scroll for our interactive timeline. Additionally, we have archived over 50 years of Brooknotes and Brookwood Byword to view! Click each icon below to view.



A 1970 Letter from Brookwood Hills Developer, Arthur Burdett.

Benjamin Franklin Burdett (B.F.) and his son Arthur Burdett Sr. were partners in Burdett Realty and founders of Brookwood Hill’s neighborhood. B.F. Burdett died in 1935 and Arthur, Sr. died shortly after writing this 1970 letter. He lived his adult life in Brookwood Hills with his wife, Sadie, and raised their two children Arthur Jr. and Polly.

“This fulfills the dreams and desires of Mr. B.F. Burdett and Arthur C. Burdett to make these facilities available to the homeowners of Brookwood Hills, most of whom were their personal friends.” – Arthur Burdett Sr.

To read the 1970 letter, in its entirety, click this link.


Benjamin Franklin Burdett, the founder of Brookwood Hills, was born on January 23, 1861 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, known then as Oak Grove, Georgia (he passed in 1935). He was the first son born to Samuel Ike Burdett, who served in the Confederate army. Benjamin’s schooling during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War would have been limited as children needed to help on family farms. Their schooling would at best be the equivalent of a six-grade education.

To read the BF Burdett Story, in its entirety, click this link.

Brookwood Hills Established


Brookwood Bugle Founded

Children’s newspaper of Brookwood Hills ran for 4 years by the 3 daughters of the Palmer Family.


Lower Brighton & Middle Camden Extension


Brookwood Hills Garden Club Founded


Brookwood Hills Community Club Founded


New or Lower Camden Extension

Spring 1974

Neighborhood newspaper Brookwood Byword was formed

1st issue interviews Arthur Burdett’s widow Sadie Burdett.
Name of paper changed in 1986 to Brooknotes


BWH Swim and Dive Team


National Register of Historic Places

Brookwood Hills neighborhood named to the National Register of Historic Places.


Alex Summers Preserve Purchased


Conservation District of the City of Atlanta

Brookwood Hills is designated a Conservation District of the City of Atlanta


Completion of New Pool Pavilion


Legacy Ladies Founded

Founding meeting at Legacy Restaurant


New Park Completion